Monitor your battery-powered devices from anywhere

Get peace of mind knowing that everything is running as smoothly as possible.


Slot an ibiot standard-battery-sized module into any of the compatible devices to get notified of alarms and predict refill or maintenance needs. Make your life easier, safer and your business more efficient.


The ibiot C-battery-sized sensor has a smart IoT (Internet of Things) chip hidden inside, tracking and reporting alarms and all the important device statistics. Sensor datasheet is here


Quickly check data such as battery and consumables usage, alarms, errors, and predicted maintenance needs. You can even set tasks and track maintenance logs. Dashboard link is here

Compatible devices

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ZÄP liquid dispenser 1,1L

Elis Roll Paper Dispenser

Motion Sensing Twin Spot Light LB-1403-Q

Tork S4 liquid dispenser

Elis liquid dispenser

Neria Basic liquid dispenser CDP268

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